Lori Harvey

Steve Harvey Adopted Marjorie Harvey's Daughter Lori Harvey

Social media star

Social media star Lori Harvey is the daughter of fashion designer Marjorie Harvey's previous marriage.


As we know Steve Harvey is a well-known and popular comedian, Author and TV host of United State America.

Steve Harvey

Founder of "SKN by LH"

Social media influencer and founder of "SKN by LH", has significant following on social media, over 5 millions of followers on Instagram.

Father figure

Steve Harvey has been playing the role as a father figure of Lori Haravey's life Since childhood, and has been a significant influence as well.

Marjorie Harvey a fashion designer, stylish and Steve Harvey TV host have been together for almost a decade, they had been living their life happily.

Steve & Marjorie Harvey

Publicly confirmed

Recently the media has focused on Lori Harvey, she has spotted with Damson Idris and has officially confirmed they are in relationship and they are learning each other.

Let you know that Lori Harvey launched her own a skincare brand that is SKN by LH in 2021.

Skincare brand

She has also been a brand ambassador for several brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Savage X Fenty, louis Vuitton, Gucci.

Brand ambassador

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