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BGMI Close-Range Fight Mastery: Tips, Tools and Techniques

Similar to other battle royale games, close combat in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) happens at crucial times, such as when the circle becomes smaller or when teams engage in combat in particular locations. In the end, it typically comes down to one on one. These intense battles call for rapid reflexes and split-second judgments. To get an edge, players need to use obstacles, side-to-side activity, crouching, and jumping. In these circumstances, situational awareness, smart grenade use, and teamwork are very important.

The DBS shotgun, M416 and AKM are three common weapons in BGMI for close-range fighting. Players can improve their chances of succeeding in BGMI encounters by learning and using close-range fighting methods and the right weapons.

5 Tips To Improve 1vs1 in BGMI

In BGMI, getting into battles is key for winning. In this battle royale, close-quarters fighting is therefore seen as an important aspect of gaming. Here are some tips for team deathmatches (TDMs) and classic battles 1v1 fighting.

Developing Your Position and Movement

Excellent movement and placement abilities are essential for close-range fighting. To make it challenging for your opponents to make shots land, it’s essential to be quick and unanticipated. Use rapid strafing, crouching, and jumping to divert their attention while keeping accuracy. Use the cover to your advantage and make the most of it as well. You can fight against your opponents while minimizing your risk of being attacked by peeking from corners or behind objects.

Perfecting Aim and Crosshair Placement

A perfect aim is important while fighting at close range. By playing the game frequently and utilizing the training mode, you may improve your aim. Another important component is where the crosshairs are placed. Understanding crosshair placement will give you a distinct advantage over opponents by ensuring that your rounds stay on target even during frantic firefights.

The Proper Selection of Weapons

Choosing the right weapons for close-quarters fights may make all the difference. Here are some of the best options for close combat:

  • Shotguns: The enormous damage output of shotguns makes them particularly effective in close-quarters combat. The DBS shotgun, which has been successful, is currently being used in esports by even professional players.
  • Submachine Guns (SMGs): SMGs provide a decent work of firepower and mobility. For close quarters fighting, the UMP9, Vector, and PP-19 Bizon are dependable options. Their performance can be improved by attachments like compensators and longer magazines.
  • Assault Rifles (ARs): The Groza, AKM, and AUG are a few ARs that excel in close-quarters combat.These weapons are effective for swiftly eliminating opponents because of their high damage and firing rates. For more accurate target acquisition, combine them with a red dot or holographic sight.


In close-quarters combat, throwable goods can offer a tactical edge. Molotov cocktails and grenades can hurt and confuse opponents, allowing you the chance to push them or kill them. Use them strategically to draw foes from cover or push them into unfavorable situations.


Combat at close range requires quick reactions and precise accuracy. Practice your reflexes and aim on a regular basis by playing Team Death Matches or arcade games in training settings.

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