Life on Mars : Elon Musk who set out to establish a new world on Mars

Humans have been doing research in the world of space for the last many years and human search in space has been going on for many years. Human existence cannot exist on just one planet. No no I am not saying this, “Elon Musk is saying”. Yes, a person who is one of the richest human beings in the world, dont know when he saw this dream, what will happen when this earth becomes completely hot, what will happen when all the facilities and conditions for living on this earth end. Then he thought and decided that he would create another world apart from this world, he would make the conditions of life on Mars suitable for humans and he would make humans multiplanetary, means a species living on more than one planet.

Elon Musk now lives with the goal that one day, he has to set up a human settlement on Mars. To carry out this work, he founded a company called SpaceX in 2002, Musk believes that by 2050, he will build a city on Mars for about one million humans to live.

Mars Colonization : Life on Mars

First of all, the question that comes to mind is why to go to Mars only? Why no other planet?

So the answer is that first of all we have to see, what are the options we have in our solar system? Venus, the planet Venus, there is a lot of pressure here and it rains acid, Mercury, it is also very near to the sun, so there is a lot of heat there, We can go to the planets Jupiter and Saturn but they are far away, We could also target our Earth’s moon, but it would be too small for a large settlement and there is no atmosphere, resources are also very less on the moon than Mars, so at the moment Mars is the best option and no one.

Mars is farther from the Sun than Earth. That’s why it’s very cold. The average temperature on Mars is -60 °C. Elon Musk says that it is a bit cold but it can be heated. Elon Musk is of the opinion that if about ten thousand nuclear missiles are released simultaneously on Mars, then the temperature there will increase and there will be an Earth-like atmosphere on Mars. After this the possibilities for human life will increase.

The atmosphere of Mars is 96 percent carbon dioxide. 2.5 percent is nitrogen. and 2 percent argon, Our working gas oxygen is only 0.174 percent there. The diameter of Mars is about half that of Earth. But it is the closest size to Earth. The rest of the planets are either very small or much larger than Earth. Gravity on Mars is about one third that of Earth. Means you will be able to easily make a long jump on Mars. Mars and Earth rotate on their axis with almost the same speed, That’s why a day on Mars is only 40 minutes longer than a day on Earth.

Now the question is, how will this city be like, how will people survive there?

Now the question is, how will this city be like, how will people survive there? Where there is not even the necessary oxygen to food and drink items are available.

Let us tell you that Mars will be ‘terraformed’ from the very beginning. Terraforming means changing the atmosphere of a planet to make it habitable for humans.

Life on Mars

As Elon Musk and SpaceX’s main purpose is to reduce the cost of going to space, They believe in reusable technology, due to this, work is being done on the technology of covering very long distances in SpaceX rockets with very little fuel. Because the distance of Mars from Earth is about 6,20,00,000 km, so to go this distance, SpaceX will have to make a spaceship that travels more distance in less fuel.

The spacecraft that SpaceX can send for the Mars mission is named “Starship”. In the year 2020, there were several test flights of Starship. After this, changes were also made in the design of the starship. There are many more test flights to be done and there are more. This starship will later come in handy in SpaceX’s first Mars mission.

According to Spacex and NASA, a small group of humans will be sent by 2026. Those who will have the necessary oxygen and pressurized suits, from food to drink, which will be enough for two years, But before humans can leave, some such bases will have to be built on Mars, so that humans can be saved from the deadly dust storm there and can get a permanent place to live.

Who will make shelter there, if human has not gone there?

Now this thing will definitely come in your mind that when the person has not gone there, then who will make shelter there, so the answer is robots. Yes friends, before humans go to Mars, such robots with AI technology will be sent to Mars, who will build shelters for humans to live there. This protective shelter will actually be made from marsh soil. These robots are not ordinary talking robots, it will have a special kind of technology, these robots will be different but they will work together when needed, In which there will be cameras, sensors and EX-CAVATOR to dig the soil and 3D printers to make models.

First of all, these robots will choose a place where the shelter will be made from the soil. After this soil digger EX-CAVATOR will be employed, and after removing the soil from the ground, they will store it in each other robots, then this soil will go to be cleaned and after that put it in the 3D printer and prepare the necessary structure, this work will be completed by monitoring from the earth when this shelter will be ready. Then a group of humans will go to Mars, along with that there will also be a lot of stuff for humans to survive for two years. Robots will take it off from the spaceship and bring it to the shelter, and will keep those goods in their designated place, as well as separate their pressurized units and set them apart in which the person will live. An electricity line will be laid connecting all these units, Which will draw electricity from a solar farm already built by robots.

After all this, the work of building a green house will start in which vegetables can be grown, according to research, potato and beans can be grown on Mars, the biggest use of this greenhouse is to produce oxygen. In fact, it will happen as the plants grow in the greenhouse, In the same way they will release oxygen, due to which the necessary and sufficient oxygen will be produced. But this oxygen will not be enough for humans there, oxygen will also have to be made in an artificial way, by taking CO2 from the atmosphere of Mars through the heat and necessary electric current in it, O2 will be formed by separating the two atoms of oxygen.

Life on Mars

Water is present in sufficient quantity on Mars, which this Marsh Robber has already found. Now if seen, we will have oxygen to breathe, vegetables to eat and water to drink on Mars.

Now another question comes in the mind that will the person stay in his cabin all the time, they will ever find a way to get out? So perhaps there is only one solution, which we have already told you, in some way the temperature of the atmosphere of the marsh can be increased, For this, Akon Musk is of the opinion that about ten thousand nuclear missiles should be released simultaneously on Mars, so that the temperature there will increase and there will be an atmosphere like Earth on Mars, only then there will be possibilities for human life.

Elon Musk has always been very ambitious about timelines. He had said that in 2022, the first SpaceX rocket could go to Mars. There will be no humans in this rocket, only stuff. This stuff will come in handy for the human mission going forward. According to NASA and SPACEX, by the year 2050, you will be able to see a self-sufficient city on Mars. When and how this will happen, we will know in the future only.

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