A little carelessness could have cost lives

A little carelessness could have cost lives

Friends, people in the world do not know what they do to earn their name. They even play on their lives. In today’s time, everyone wants to be famous, such a feat was done by a person from China. This man covered his whole body with bees. Ruan Liangming, a resident of China, holds the record for most bees by sticking more than 6 lakh bees on his body. Along with this, he registered his name in the Guinness World Records.

Ruan Liangming (China) cover his entire body in bees

637,000 Bees Stick on Body

In this video you can see how this man has covered his whole body with bees. Ruan Liangming set a unique record by putting 637,000 on his body. The total weight of these 637,000 bees was 63.7 kg.

Fearless Chinese man covers entire body in bees

The scene is so terrifying

Let me tell you, it is very important for a person to be calm to do this, you will know that a bee dies after stinging, so it does not sting unless it feels any danger, well whatever it is, but see this scene Tax itself sounds terrible. Because we are all aware of the sting of bees, if a bee dies, we lose our life and here there are 637,000 bees, you can imagine what can happen if there is a slight mistake.

Guinness World Records

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