Chris Evans Shares His Simple Essential for a Perfect First Date

First dates can be really tricky to get right. However, for Chris Evans, finding the right area for conversation is critical to making it work.

On Tuesday, Chris Evans walked the red carpet at the AMC Lincoln Square Theater in New York City for the premiere of his new film Ghosted, and influenced by his new film’s rom-com concept. He reflected on what he considers to be the ideal location for a first date.

“Anywhere where you can just chat,” Evans said, simply. “Anywhere where you can just have a good conversation.”

In his new action rom-com Ghosted, Chris Evans plays Cole Riggan, On a first date, a man feels an instant connection with a woman named Sadie (Ana de Armas), only to get as the title suggests ghosted by her right after.

Chris Evans and Ana de Armas

Throwing caution to the wind, Cole sets on an intercontinental adventure for love, flying to London to try to secure a second date, only to discover that she’s actually a secret agent, and they get wrapped up in a gun-blazing, globe-trotting thrill ride.

When questioned about his character’s intention to fly hundreds of miles to meet a lady with whom he just had one date, Evans laughed and said, “I mean, that’s a bit much.”

“He had a connection and thought it was something, so I understand why.” But it’s a little excessive,” he said.

Evans and de Armas’ action rom-com Ghosted, co-starring Chris Evans, premieres Friday, Apr. 21, on Apple TV+.

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