Singer-rapper Aaron Carter died at the age of 34, dead body found in this condition at home

Aaron Carter Dies At 34:  Singer and rapper Aaron Carter, who is called a pop icon, has said goodbye to the world at the age of 34. Fans are deeply saddened by the news of his death.

Singer Aaron Carter, Brother Of Backstreet Boys, Dies At 34

In the 90s, the American rock band Backstreet Boys was very famous all over the world and Nick Carter was the most loved singer of this band. Just like him, his younger brother Aaron Carter was also a well-known singer and rapper. There used to be a lot of craze for his songs and rap songs among the fans. However, at the age of 34, he has said goodbye to the world, after which there has been silence among his fans.

His body was found at Aaron’s house

The information about the death of singer and rapper Aaron Carter has come to the fore through his family members. The news of his death came to the fore on Saturday, November 5 at 34. According to reports, his body was found at his California home. According to reports, his body was found at his California home. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputy Alejandra Parra said Aaron Carter’s body was found dead at his home in Lancaster, California.

Singer-rapper Aaron Carter died at the age of 34 (3)
Singer Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter’s Singing Career

Aaron’s singing career started in the year 1997 when he launched his first studio album, ‘Crush on You’ was his first album, while the second album was released in the year 2000. In addition, Carter guest starred on Disney Channel and Nickelodeon shows “Lizzie McGuire” and “All That” are included. As a contestant, he participated in season 9 of the show ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

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