African Baobab Tree Most Useful Tree in the World

Arican Baobab tree: Most Useful Tree in the World

Everything in the world is unique. There are many mysteries and stories attached behind every unique thing. The gift of nature is very unique. Nature has given us everything that can make our life better. But there are some things which are very difficult to understand. That’s why scientists do research after years of hard work so that they can find out the secret behind them. We talk about such a strange nature structure, whose name is Baobab Tree Baobab Tree.

Yes my friends, this strange-looking tree appears as its roots are upwards, this tree is also known by many other names such as Boab, Bottle tree, Upside down tree, and monkey bread tree. It is also called the monkey roti tree because monkeys like the fruit of this tree very much. Whereas in Arabic it is called Bu-hibab which means a tree of many things.

Baobab Alley in Madagascar, Africa. Beautiful and colourful landscape with baobab in background.

Its height ranges from 5 to 30 meters and its branches spread from 7 to 11 meters. It is said that the ability of this tree to store water is very high. Fiber-like bark is found inside its stem. People use it to make things like paper, cloth, rope, thread, baskets and blankets.

Its age ranges from 500 years to 6000 years. It is found in Manly Africa and Australia, this tree has proved to be very helpful in improving the economic condition of Africa. That is why this tree has been given the title of World Tree.

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