Cavewoman: This woman is the primitive man of today’s era

This woman is the primitive man of today’s era

Modern Cavewoman

Friends, a hobby is such a thing that anything can be done by a person. You must have read and heard about the primitive man who lives in the forests and lives his life by hunting animals, but this is a matter of history, but today we will tell you about a woman who lives her life like primitive humans and she likes to do it.

This woman is the Modern Cavewoman of today's era

She likes to live her life like a primitive

Sara De (This woman is the primitive man of today era), who hails from Essex, England, looks like an ordinary woman, but her lifestyle is different. She likes to spend her life like a primitive man, this woman not only hunts animals but also makes weapons from bones. She hunts and cooks and eats animals like rats, cats, squirrels, pigeons, and deer. She uses the skin and bones of these animals in their other works.

Let me tell you, she is 34 years old and by profession, she is a teacher who teaches history. Sara is completely different from other teachers of the school, she teaches children as well as shows them by doing practicals so that children like her a lot.

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She makes weapons from bones

Sara hunts animals like rats, cats, pigeons, squirrels, and deer, She cooks them, and eats them with great passion, besides using the skin and bones of these animals in their other works. Just like the skin of animals makes sleeping bags, handbags, and weapons from bones.

She has her own house in the city but she prefers to live in the forest, once a week she goes supermarket to shopping. Sara De’s living like a primitive man is a surprising thing, but a person can do anything to fulfill his hobby.


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