Why did our ancient kings have many wives?

In the present times, where it becomes difficult to survive even after a single marriage, in the olden days, the king used to do not one but many marriages. Let us know through this post that after all, why King Maharaja used to do more than one marriage.

In today’s world, if we talk about doing more than one marriage, it will sound very good, but performing those marriages will probably be like sowing barley in the Ganga. If the same thing is said to a married man, then he will say, brother, one is not taking care of here and you are asking to get married more. Almost every man wishes to sleep with a different woman every night but in reality, it is impossible. But in the olden days, King Maharaja used to do this.

You will be surprised to know that some kings had queens according to the days of the week. The king slept with different queens every day of the week. After all, what was the reason that King Maharaja used to do more than one marriage?

The biggest reason among these is that, because the King Maharaja was always the head of a state or clan, it was not a big deal for him to do many marriages financially. They could afford for more than one wedding for themselves.

पुराने जमाने में राजा महाराजा बहुत शादी क्यों करते थे TFH

The second reason was that the King Maharaja, being in the highest position of the state, he used to propose marriage to all the girls of the state that he liked. Because if he was a king, he was not afraid of what anyone would say. Whatever girl he had his heart on, he used to force the girl to get married. Whether the girl wanted it or not, the girl had to get married. People used to consider themselves lucky that the king has liked their girl, if the king marries their girl, then they will get some position in the princely state so that they will be able to live well.

The third biggest reason was that women were not aware of their rights at that time. The society of that time was such that the thinking of the people was very narrow. They considered the king as their everything.

There was also a reason that the kings do many marriages in the sight of each other. There was competition among each other kings, who marries how many and how many beautiful queens they have. This was the reason that even for the sake of bullying, the king used to marry a lot.

पुराने जमाने में राजा महाराजा बहुत शादी क्यों करते थे

In olden times, when King Maharaja used to go for some war and when he got victory over another sultanate, he used to marry the princess of that kingdom whether he liked it or not. The princess had to get married.

So this was the reason that in the olden times, the King Maharaja was doing more than one marriage, how did you feel by commenting on the post, if you are interested in watching the video, then you can watch it by clicking on the link below.

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